As you know, the Mandela Effect is when a lot of people remember something from a shared culture that turns out not to be true.

The most famous example is the Bernstein Bears.

Many people (me included) remember it as the Bernstein Bears, but it’s not.

There never was a Bernstein Bears.

It’s the Berenstain Bears.

People will swear that it WAS Bernstein, and it somehow changed over the years, like a glitch in the system.

In spite of the evidence, people will insist their memory is correct, not reality, so  the universe must be wrong, so, maybe I was in another universe where it WAS the Bernstein Bears.

It makes sense that people will defend a false memory. We do it all the time.

But is the Mandela Effect evidence that we’re living in a computer-generated reality, like the DÉJÀ VU moment from the Matrix when Neo sees the cat twice?

Is the Mandela Effect a glitch in the code?


Rather The Effect is a sign of how we (WE being humans) store memories.

Homo sapiens encode memories based on meaning and emotion, so if we read the Berenstain Bears as children, the meaning for us is the experience of the story. I loved reading about the silly, Homer-Simpson like father and the eager son, loved that the bears lived in a tree, rode bicycles, had picnics.

The experience of the book is what made it meaningful enough for us to remember it into adulthood.

If we recall the title as adults, of course we’re going to change Berenstain to Bernstein.

Most of us have never known someone with that name, but almost all of us have known a Bernstein, neighbors, friends, colleagues.

Bernstein makes sense.

The Bernstein Bears. That’s how I’m going to encode the memory.

No matter how much we want to believe (me included) that there was such a peanut butter as Jiffy, it was always Jif.

Of course we’re going to encode Looney Tunes as TOONS. They were cartoons we loved as kids, not music.

There IS NO WAY we can prove we are NOT living in a computer-generated simulation. It’s impossible to prove.

So the question becomes:

Is there evidence that we ARE living in a false reality?


But the Mandela Effect isn’t one of them.

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