Everything You Know About Yourself, Science, and Religion is False.

You don’t have a brain. You have a story about this thing called a brain, which is made up by the brain. The brain makes up a story about itself, but it’s certainly not true. You don’t even have one.

And this can easily be proved.

Show me your brain.

Hand it to me.

Let me feel it, smell it. Examine it closely.

This is impossible for obvious reasons, but it’s also impossible for not such obvious reasons.

First, it’s impossible because if you cut your head open and pull out your brain, you’re going to be dead.

It’s just not possible.

So we have to believe that you have a brain based on the actions that you take, the things you say, what you create. 

There are certain behaviors correlated with parts of the brain, so we can assume that when you yell at your lover in anger, something is activated in your amygdala, of which you have two, one on the left and one on the right side of the brain.

We can assume that you have a brain based on your actions and what we know about the mechanisms of the brain.

(But never assume –you know the Ass-out-of-you-and-me thing?)

Observing your evolutionary behaviors doesn’t mean you have a brain.

It means that you have a biological organism that physically responds to phenomenon. You’re like one of those slimy creatures on the beach, when you touch it, it retreats into the wet sad.

How do you know you have a brain?

Because you’ve been told you have a brain.

Somebody told you a story about the parts of the brain, and you believe them.

But of all the information that is available on the brain or any branch of science, history, any subject, geology, biology, we only know a tiny fraction.

Everything we believe about physics is a metaphor, a story made up by somebody else, but it’s not true.

It’s trying to express a truth in with language, English, French, Spanish, whatever.

But the story of science in any language but math is false.

It’s metaphor.

It’s a made-up story so that we can understand.

Math is my worst subject, and I know no matter how much I may think I know about quantum entanglement, all I’m getting is a story, a metaphor.

And it’s not true.

It’s meant to represent or even contain something that’s true.

And the other reason why it’s impossible to pull out your brain to prove that you have one is that even if I were to look at it, what I would see right before me is a limited percentage of the information about the object you hold in your hand. It’s simply my visual representation, which is incredibly superficial.

In other words, when I look at the brain that you’re showing me to prove that you have one, I’m seeing how light and texture interact in my visual system, which is part of the brain, the visual cortex.

I’m making up what I see. The colors are not real, they are just my brain processing light intensity.

I don’t really see the brain that you’re putting in front of me. Rather I receive information that allows me to create an imaginary model of what you’re holding, so that I can understand it.

What you would really be showing me is a mass of data structure, atoms, subatomic particles that don’t even touch each other. You would be showing me empty space.

You don’t have a brain. You can never see it to believe it.

There’s a part of the eye called the fovea, and it’s about the size of a quarter.

When you look at anything, the fovea is the only part that you see in detail.

Everything else you’re making up. You are creating.

This is fact.

When you look at the mountains, all you really see is the size of a small rock. You’re creating the mountains.

So even if you physically show me your brain, when I look at it, I’m creating what I see.

Of course you could argue that we can put your brain into an fMRI and look at it closely, prove that you have one by the way the information is relayed onto the screen that we’re analyzing, but, again, that’s a representation.

You’re looking at data, not a brain.

You’re analyzing activity converted into a mathematical model that allows experts to analyze and make predictions. Watching an MRI of your brain would mean nothing to me. I wouldn’t know how to interpret the information.

All I can do is create a story about your brain.

But it’s false.

You don’t have a brain.

I don’t have a brain.

What does this mean?

It means you control the story, not only of your brain and what it means to the organism, that is, your body, your mortality, but also the story of your consciousness as you travel through time and space. Nobody gives meaning to you more than you.

You are only a detail in the story of others, a huge detail if you live with somebody, but for most other people, you are encoded in other brains as meaning, even the images they have of you. Whether or not they think you are beautiful or ugly, sad looking or happy, mean or nice, good or evil, you are a projection of their story, a detail within it. If you walk through a crowd and people see you but do not encode you into their memories, you don’t even exist to them, no matter how self-conscious you may be about how you look.

And if you know this, other people’s perceptions of you only matter if you can use those perceptions to get what you want for your own story.

In other words, knowing that you don’t have a brain is essentially saying that you don’t exist. And you don’t.

You are not an eternal soul. You are not a child of God.

You are a biological organism that has convinced itself that this is true and needs to convince itself this in order to survive. And because your genes want to procreate they want you to think well enough of yourself to feel you need, for the sake of humanity, to produce offspring.

You don’t need to.

All that really matters is you tell a good story and surround yourself with good stories, optimally based on love. Love is the safest, most comforting of human emotions, that which connects you to God, to the eternal.

Oxytocin, the love hormone, is produced in the pituitary gland of the brain, tiny as a pinto bean, but long before he knew of oxytocin, Descartes thought the pituitary gland explained duality, the hard problem of neuroscience, the mind-brain duality, the brain-consciousness duality, the physical and eternal human.

His connection of the organism, that is, the human body with the Eternal, that is, with the soul, with God, etc, is located in the same tiny part of the brain that produces love.

Whatever love turns out to be, it’s got to be good for you.

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