¡Pinche Nietzsche

I would never quote Nietzsche, I told myself when I was a young, Chicanx iconoclast.

I rejected him the way some people disvalue Picasso, a painter too familiar and too valued by the culture.

Chale con Nietzsche!

Take your western ideas and shove ‘em!

But now, as an older man, I find myself wanting to quote him.

He calls the UNDIFFERENTIATED WORLD, that is, all the information-energy-consciousness in the universe, absolutely everything that exists “a primal swirl of pain-cum-pleasure.”

It got me thinking that maybe this idea reinforces what I believe: that everybody creates their own reality.

As biological organisms, it’s impossible for our brains to notice or process the quadrillion upon quadrillion bits of information that come at us every moment of our lives, every nanosecond. We are surrounded by too much data to process. Sometimes information even goes right through us, like radio raves or neutrinos.

What we filter through our senses creates what we see and what we believe to be true, and because we use our bodies, our realities can indeed be shaped by pain and pleasure.

That’s why it’s important that when you feel pain, to not singularize the meaning. Don’t say, Oh, I feel bad because I could’ve done better in class today, or I could’ve been more articulate, or more brave, and I’m a loser.

It’s very important not to use pain to destroy ourselves, or further limit our reality, but rather use it to empower ourselves. We need to understand our bodies/brains/minds require that we feel pain, not always, but on occasion.

It’s the same with pleasure, we get stuck on the meaning, because the dopamine comes with a particular activity that we return to over and over again looking for the same pleasure.

The monks were right, too much of an emphasis on pleasure does not lead to joy or peace, or oneness.

What we think about reality is an incredibly limited perspective, our conclusions being tiny fragments of information with no basis to make the claim that they are true.

We believe this limited version of reality to be all there is. 

But reality is not true.

And if the reality we believe is not true, then we can create our own.

We could be in charge of what information we process, what we notice, what we feel in our bodies.

We can carve a reality out of pure energy, the primal soup, God, the ein sof, the spiral of pleasure cum pain.


The Chicanx youth in me is shaking his head and saying, Ok, boomer!

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