I’m writing a collection of essays called Writers are Witches

The pieces are somewhat thematically connected (mostly about physics, mysticism, and the craft of writing), but the title comes from my belief that great poets, that is, ALL great creative writers enter into realms of the imagination most people do not have access to without guidance by a spirit, i.e, the writer.

These imaginary worlds have been identified by mystics and hermetic thinkers as the astral plane, the underworld, infinite field, a place not in space wherein one can have conversations with angels. 

In other words, to be a writer is to be a mystic or a witch, one who accesses these realms and often channels energy from within and releases it into our world, usually for a particular purpose.

When I read a good novel, like something by Toni Morrison, I’m enchanted.

The etymology is pretty obvious, yes?

Enchant. “To  cast a spell upon (often one that attracts or charms).”

Obviously chant is to intone something over and over, rhythmically, poetically, like how writers follow language and end up with new rhythms and incantations and in new places that surprise  even the writer.

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